Sliding Doors

Sliding Wardrobes

For smart, economical storage
The right wardrobe will play a functional role in your bedroom and daily routine. Sliding wardrobes are great if you’re lacking in space as they don’t require any clearance to open the doors. That’s not to say, however, that sliding wardrobes won’t look fantastic in larger rooms, they do! Additionally, they’re an economical option because there’s no need to have a full carcass inside.

Partition and Storage Solutions

Sliding wardrobes are a modern storage solution and work in many different room types. For instance, use as a room divider to partition a space and separate a bedroom from a study area. Sliding wardrobes also tend to be larger, even though they save on space by sliding side to side. This means more room for shoes and other components like integrated shelving and drawers.


Flexible Design for Sliding Wardrobes

Both timeless and modern, sliding wardrobes come in a broad selection of style combinations. Options include a mirrored finish or coloured glass for a hotel bedroom-like vibe. All of our wardrobes are also engineered to provide smart storage which can be customised to create your ideal. Why not head to our showroom and browse our collection of samples for inspiration?