Internal gadgets

Internal gadgets for bespoke bedrooms

Compartmentalise like a pro
To allow you to further enhance your new design, at Kingfield Bedrooms we have a collection of bespoke gadgets. These accessories make daily tasks easy with tailored ideas and work hard to keep the inside of your wardrobe tidy. From a place to keep passports and wallets to pull out shelves, our aim is to meet your needs with user-friendly storage. Say goodbye to the mad morning rush with these simple solutions that will improve organisation.

Fittings for wardrobes and dressing rooms

Our fittings allow you to divide up the space inside wardrobes and bespoke bedrooms. This means you can display your clothes, accessories and shoes as flawlessly as a shop storefront.

From pull out shoe rails at an accessible angle to glass shelving and pull out tie racks, unleash your inner organiser and go to town with a multitude of interior options. For very tall ceilings, pull down hanging rails will also ensure that you can still reach your clothing.

To discuss something unique, please get in touch to make an appointment in our bedroom showroom.