Bespoke Wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobes that blend seamlessly with your home

Fully harness your space with bespoke wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture in all shapes and sizes.
Whether you’re overhauling a room or replacing old storage, bespoke wardrobes make a great solution. They’re efficient, they’re tidy and they’re unique to you - one size does not fit all. In fact, what sets them apart from freestanding robes is their ability to maximise space. The sizes of run-of-the-mill units are typically standard and they may even end up limiting your options. For instance, if they won’t fit where you’d like, then the chances are, you may have to sacrifice some other pieces of furniture. The beauty of bespoke wardrobes is that there is no compromise, only the freedom to design them to your exact specifications. Fitted bespoke wardrobes also use every inch and can make the most of spaces that are not normally used. Take awkward spots like L-shaped corners, sloping ceilings and alcoves.

Modern Sliding Doors

with mirrored fronts and draws

Design to your tastes

Another major benefit to bespoke wardrobes is that you can actually unleash your inner stylist. Do you crave something classic or is your taste more modern? It really is all up to you! Contributing to the design process is especially huge if you’re building a new house or remodelling. Elements will tie in together rather than clash to ensure your home effortlessly flows throughout. It additionally doesn’t end there with bespoke wardrobes, there is the interior to think about too. Ever wished you could find an item of clothing without searching for hours? You need to see our amazing options for custom lighting!

All this and more is why fitted bedroom furniture makes a fantastic investment and upgrade. Get twice the space with bespoke wardrobes - why not browse our collection or book a home visit?