Other storage solutions

Other Fitted Furniture and Storage Solutions

To maximise space and combat clutter
What would we do without great home storage? Everything needs its own space. From an ironing board to a pair of sunglasses, in every part of the home, there is potential clutter. At Kingfield Bedrooms, we create bespoke fitted furniture so that you can take back charge. Things like building storage in walls won’t take up much space and it will also help to keep rooms tidy.

Alcoves and Under Stairs Storage

Sometimes an alcove has an obvious use such as a TV Media Centre for instance. Other times alcoves are just awkward nooks and they need a bit of imagination. If you’d like to use an alcove for storage then the best way is to have something made bespoke. Using a mix of cupboards and shelves and depending what it’s for we can create the unit that you need. One other thing that we can provide is versatile storage for under stairs spaces. Handy for dog walking coats and muddy boots, this storage idea will leave your hallway spic and span.


TV Media Centres and Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re looking for fitted furniture for media centres, we can provide solutions for all types of audio-visual equipment. These can be ultra-modern to display your flat-screen TV with any unsightly cables hidden out of sight. Additionally, we can also design bespoke bathroom cabinets. This includes vanity units with under sink storage to house any toiletries.

Fitted Furniture for Walk-in Wardrobes

At Kingfield Bedrooms, we can design and install walk-in wardrobes. The new status-symbol, once reserved for the rich, walk-in wardrobes are more popular than ever. Whatever the size, we can create a solution that divides your clothing from the rest of the bedroom. This also includes the interior fittings from the shelving to the rails, shoe racks and of course the glamorous lighting!

Fitted Furniture for Children’s Rooms

We can create bespoke fun bunk beds for children’s rooms that also incorporate storage. To discuss ideas, why not book a design visit to see us in our bedroom showroom.