Loft wardrobes

Fitted Loft Wardrobes

For Attic Storage and Awkward Spaces
Some bedrooms can be an unusual shape and you may think that you can’t have wardrobes. The good news is that you actually can, no matter how sloped the ceiling. At Kingfield Bedrooms, we can create fitted loft wardrobes for attic storage and awkward spaces. Also known as angled wardrobes, they maximise space and ensure that anything is possible.

Fitted Loft Wardrobes for Attic Bedrooms

For smaller homes, a loft bedroom can be the key to getting more space. Finding the right furniture, however, can be a bit tricky, thanks to the awkward angle of the ceiling. At Kingfield Bedrooms, we think it’s time to turn your attic space into an enjoyable room once more. Helping to create a tranquil retreat, our fitted loft wardrobes will banish any clutter for good.


Customisable Storage for Awkward Spaces

Our customisable options can be tailored to suit your ceilings as well as your lifestyle. Perhaps you’d like some room to store books as well as clothing, whatever you need, we’re here to make it happen! Fitted loft wardrobes should also seamlessly fit into the contours of any bedroom. With careful planning, we’ll ensure that this happens, leaving you to enjoy your brand new space.